12 Vegan Cozy Soup Recipes: From Tomato to Mexican Pozole

When it seems like the cold weather will never end, find cheer in the fact that it’s soup season. No matter what the weather app says, comfort and warmth can be found in a big bowl of vegan soup, preferably served alongside a generous hunk of a toasted, buttered baguette.

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Is soup healthy?

Like with any meal, the health benefits of soup are dependent on the way the dish is prepared. Luckily, vegan soups are traditionally heavy in vegetables, making them a flavorful, healthy meal.


To make your autumn soups healthier, opt for recipes heavy in vegetables and low in sodium. Thick creamy soups (such as those made with coconut cream or cornstarch) are best in moderation. These soups owe their texture to thickening agents, and while these ingredients can be part of a healthy diet, the amount needed for thicker soups is often high. 

If you prefer a thick soup, you can easily thicken the texture with legumes. The health pros at Healthline also recommend dairy-free yogurt. Not only does this help achieve your desired texture, but it also enhances your meal’s nutritional profile.

Health benefits of soup

Incorporating soups into your weekly meal repertoire is an easy way to incorporate vegetables into your diet. In fact, people who regularly eat soup have better overall diets due to their increased intake of protein and fiber.

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Due to some soups’ high fiber content, this can also lead to feeling fuller longer. Additionally, soup has a high water content and helps keep you hydrated.

Vegan soup recipes

From classic tomato to Mexican pozole, slurp up some instant happiness with these 12 comforting vegan soups.

VegNews.GingerGarlicNoodleSoupJessica Randhawa

1 Ginger Garlic Noodle Soup

This fragrant soup isn’t just easy to make, it also packs an immune-boosting punch thanks to ginger and garlic! Stay inside and cozy up with this Asian-inspired, veggie-loaded soup for a warm, autumn night.


2 Creamy Italian Gnocchi Soup

With chewy bites of potato gnocchi, this rich, hearty, flavor-packed broth is a great warming dish for those chilly fall evenings. If you prefer, you can also swap in your favorite pasta shapes instead.
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3 Wild Rice and Mushroom Soup

If you love soup with a delicious, comforting, velvety texture, this wild rice and mushroom soup, which is made with coconut milk, might be the recipe for you. For extra goodness, serve with a big slab of sourdough bread.
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VegNews.ButternutGingerSoupTrilogy Sanctuary

4 Gingery Butternut Squash Soup

Boost your immune system with a bit of ginger and garlic in this thick, creamy butternut squash soup. For extra veggies, wilt some spinach into the mix, too.
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VegNews.ThaiCarrotSoupWithTamariRoastedAlmonds.2Oh She Glows

5 Thai Carrot Soup With Tamari-Roasted Almonds

This ultra-flavorful Thai-inspired soup features red curry, ginger, sweet potato, and cayenne pepper. But it’s the tamari-roasted almonds that will make this delicious dish your new favorite.
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6 Creamy Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash is one of the best fall vegetables. It’s packed with nutrients (including fiber) and it tastes great, too, especially when it’s blended up into a thick, creamy soup.
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VegNews.EasyRoastedTomatoSoupwithCashewCream.TheNewNourishingThe New Nourishing

7 Roasted Tomato Soup With Cashew Cream

Tomato soup is one of the most warming, comforting meal choices to make in the fall. And while it’s easy to find in a can, making it from home is satisfying and nutritious, too.
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8 Creamy Curried Carrot and Lentil Soup

Just a few wholesome ingredients like carrots, onions, celery, and coconut milk are blended together to make this hearty, creamy curried soup. It’s nourishing, comforting, and delicious, too.
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9 Tuscan Red Pepper and White Bean Soup

Italy is beautiful in the fall. But, if you can’t quite make it to Europe, enjoy the next best thing with the food of Tuscany instead. This red pepper and white bean soup is flavorful, fragrant, and satisfying—especially when served with crispy fried white beans.
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VegNews.VeganRedPozoleKate Ramos

10 Instant Pot Red Pozole

This traditional Mexican soup is usually made with meat, but it is possible to make a tasty, nourishing vegan version, and this recipe is the proof. Thanks to the Instant Pot, it’s easy, too.
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VegNews.CauliflowerCheeseSoupLuke Albert

11 Vegan Cauliflower Cheese Soup

Cauliflower cheese isn’t just a side dish, it can also form a tasty, nutritious soup. This dish ticks all the boxes: it’s creamy, cheesy, and comforting.
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12 Potato Leek Soup With Broccoli Gremolata

Opt for waxy, yellow Yukon or red potatoes to make this nourishing soup, which is perfect for the chilly fall and winter months. The best part, arguably, is the crunchy, refreshing broccoli gremolata served on the top.
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