14 Black-Owned Vegan Food Brands You'll Love: From Hot Sauce to Popcorn

If there’s one thing the food industry can’t deny, it’s the power of consumers’ dollars. As we celebrate the history, achievements, and influence of the Black community during Black History Month—and throughout the year—we are reminded of the importance of supporting entrepreneurs from diverse cultures and backgrounds. By doing so, not only are we investing in the product but we’re also championing inclusivity within the industry. This month is an opportunity to uplift Black entrepreneurs and businesses, increase awareness of their brands, and advocate for change.

Vegan Black-owned businesses on the rise

According to Forbes, in 2020, an estimated 3.12 million Black-owned businesses were operating in the US. Collectively, these businesses employed nearly 3.6 million workers and generated $206 billion in revenue. Such success, the publication notes, does not come without its challenges. Black business owners reported dealing with racism and biases that ultimately threaten their success. 

If you aren’t already, Black History Month is a good time to begin actively seeking out Black-owned businesses and brands and supporting them with our dollars as part of the Buy Black Movement.

In fact, when it comes to veganism, Black people are leading the charge when it comes to reducing the consumption of animal products. Additionally, Black hip-hop artists and other celebs are leading the way by investing in businesses that align with their meatless lifestyles.

Beyoncé, for example, co-founded the vegan meal delivery brand 22 Day Nutrition—that has since expanded to a meal-planning app—with vegan nutritionist Marco Borges, following her own experience with Borges’ 22 Day Nutrition challenge, in which she and husband Jay-Z ate a plant-based diet for three weeks.

Jay-Z has also invested in vegan brands such as Partake Foods and Impossible Foods through his venture capital firm. Musician Jaden Smith, son of celebrity couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, launched the vegan food truck I Love You Restaurant which serves free food to the homeless. And world champion race car driver Lewis Hamilton—who often uses his platform to advocate for animal welfare and veganism—opened vegan burger restaurant Neat Burger in London with plans to expand globally.

To honor and support the growing list of vegan Black-owned businesses, we’ve rounded up a few you can order from that ship nationwide.

Vegan Black-owned food brands

VegNews.ADozenCousinsA Dozen Cousins

1 A Dozen Cousins

These slow-cooked, ready-to-eat beans make use of one of our favorite plant proteins. Inspired by Black and Latino recipes, they come in flavors such as Cuban Black Beans, Trini Chickpea Curry, and Mexican Pinto Beans, as well as classic refried beans. Plus, because many Americans in underserved communities don’t have access to healthy food, A Dozen Cousins provides an annual grant and volunteer support to nonprofits working to eliminate socio-economic health disparities in the country. In 2023, for example, it supported Kindred Space LA, a Los Angeles-based, Black-owned birthing center that strives to address maternal and infant health disparities. 
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VegNews.ChooseLifeFoodsChoose Life Foods

2 Choose Life Foods

These vegan Jamaican patties were born out of a desire to veganize the authentic patties founder Carolyn Simon—who is referred to as the company’s “Patty Queen”—ate growing up. The delicious flavors include Spicy Beefless Lover’s, Mild Beefless Lover’s, Coconut Kale Delight, Caribbean Curry Delight, and Chick’n Lover’s Patty.
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VegNews.Muffins.CocoLuvCookiesCoco Luv Vegan Cookies

3 Coco Luv Vegan Cookies

Though this Los Angeles-based, family-owned company calls itself a cookie company, there’s far more on the menu. From cookie pies and cupcakes to entire Oreo cakes, you’ll have a hard time choosing what to order. Know someone who has a birthday this month? Get the cinnamon roll cake with sprinkles delivered to their door.  
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VegNews.MajorsProjectPopMajor Project Pop

4 Major’s Project Pop

A fresh vegan take on kettle corn, Major’s Project Pop makes its main product in small batches and keeps it real with simple ingredients—namely, virgin coconut oil, vegan cane sugar, and Himalayan salt. With its People Over Profit Popcorn, the company gives back to its community by supporting non-profit initiatives that “advocate for education and fight against hunger.”
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VegNews.GoodGirlChocolateGood Girl Chocolate 

5 Good Girl Chocolate

Dr. Tabatha Carr created Good Girl Chocolate in an effort to support her healthy lifestyle—and her sweet tooth. The good-for-you product line ranges from vegan milk chocolate to caramel cake truffles. Plus, five percent of sales go towards supporting underprivileged children living in Haitian orphanages.
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6 Golde

This small but mighty Brooklyn, NY-based business launched with a single product—Original Turmeric Latte Blend—and has since expanded to other superfood essentials from face masks to drink mixes.  
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VegNews.HellaNutsHella Nuts

7 Hella Nuts

This plant-based eatery has created a patent-pending vegan ground meat made from walnuts. We’re already making a list of dishes to make with it, starting with tacos, shepherd’s pie, and stuffed bell peppers.
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VegNews.HoustonSauceCoHouston Sauce Co.

8 Houston Sauce Co.

This popular sauce company specializes in delicious hot sauces. Check out its online store, where you can order sauces like salsa verde, and get them shipped straight to your door. 
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VegNews.MayasCookiesMaya’s Cookies

Maya’s Cookies

This beloved vegan bakery now has two storefronts in San Diego and San Marcos, CA, but it also sells its handmade gourmet cookies online, at farmers’ markets, and in select retailers. We especially love Maya’s Black History Month cookie collection in honor of prominent figures in the Black community. In 2024, the collection will be dedicated to Black athletes “breaking barriers and pushing for more inclusion both on and off the field.”
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VegNews.WhippedUrbanWhipped Urban Dessert Lab

10 Oaté Ice Crème

From the founders of New York-based Whipped Urban Dessert Lab comes Oaté, a line of “ice crème” pints available for nationwide shipping through Goldbelly. Founded by sisters Courtney Blagrove and Zan B.R., Whipped Urban Dessert Lab made headlines for being the first ice cream shop to make oat milk soft serve. Can’t justify flying to New York for a creamy swirled cone? Oaté pints are sure to satisfy all sweet tooth cravings.
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VegNews-Southern-Roots-40Southern Roots

11 Southern Roots

This San Antonio, TX-based online bakery recreates Southern classics with a vegan twist—from volcano cakes and brownies to create-your-own ice cream packs. Husband-and-wife team Marcus and Cara Pitts launched the bakery in 2018 after watching the documentary What the Health, which inspired them to go vegan. 
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VegNews.SymphonyChipsSymphony Potato Chips

12 Symphony Potato Chips

A gourmet potato chip company, Symphony Potato Chips was born after chef and founder Andre’ Anderson created a 28-herb-and-spice blend and began using it on homemade potato chips. Since then, the brand has expanded to other flavored chips, from balsamic to smoked. The family-owned company also aims to empower its community by providing employment and employment training through its own nonprofit, Symphony Crumbs. 
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VegNews.NoCookieThe No Cookie

13 The No Cookie

Family-owned and operated since 1978, The No Bakery creates and sells vegan cookies in classic flavors such as chocolate chip, ginger spice, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter. Operating from Oakland, CA, the No Cookies are available in health and natural food stores nationwide and can also be ordered online. 
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VegNews.Granola.WaytoLifeFoodsWay to Life Foods

14 Way to Life Foods

This family-owned vegan food company aims to provide healthful products for its customers across the country. Though Way to Life Foods started with granola—which is available in flavors such as Banana, Strawberry, Ginger, and Peanut Butter—it has since expanded to cinnamon rolls, energy bars, and even vegan burger patties. 
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