22 Vegan Yogurts Even the Most Die-Hard Dairy Fans Will Love

Yogurt is the rushed breakfaster’s best friend: just mix it with a little bit of granola or pair with a piece of fresh fruit and you’re good to go. It’s also a versatile ingredient that belongs in smoothies just as much as it does in a tangy tzatziki sauce. If you’re on the hunt for vegan, dairy-free yogurt, then look no further. We’ve scoured stores to find 22 delicious options from different brands.

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What is vegan yogurt?

Vegan yogurt is made from plant-based sources such as soy, coconut, oat, and cashews instead of dairy products. They come in a variety of textures such as regular, Greek, French, and kefir-style probiotic drinks, as well as flavors.

In recent years, the vegan yogurt section of grocery stores has seen a lot of movement thanks to the emergence of startups, grocery store brands, and vegan options from big names in the dairy yogurt world, such as Yoplait by way of its Oui line.

Forager-ProjectForager Project

A number of reasons are driving the sudden influx of dairy-free yogurt. A growing body of market research indicates that consumers are gravitating towards plant-based alternatives primarily for taste, followed by health reasons.

Sustainability is another key driver, as dairy is an emissions-heavy, resource-hungry industry that is contributing to the climate crisis. Fewer people dabble with plant-based products for ethical reasons, such as the treatment of farm animals.

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Is dairy-free yogurt healthier?

Since ancient history, yogurt production has been used as a method of preserving milk, and yogurt itself has long been a key ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. 

The earliest historical reference to yogurt as a health food is found in Indian Ayurvedic scripts from around 6000 BC, and it has continued to hold a reputation as a good-for-you food throughout the centuries. But it wasn’t until the early 20th century that a Bulgarian medical student named Stamen Grigorov attributed this to lactic acid bacteria.

Like the dairy-based variety, most vegan yogurts are fermented using live-active cultures that have a positive effect on your gut, and some of these are similar to the types of bacterial strains used to make dairy yogurt. They help feed your gut microbiota, the name of the collective trillions of “good bacteria” that reside in your digestive system. 

But, is dairy-free yogurt healthier overall? Not always. Depending on what it’s made from, your vegan yogurt could be high in saturated fat, high in sugar, low in protein, or a combination of all three. 

VegNews.YogurtParfait.ForagerProjectForager Project

“The biggest unhealthy culprit in plant-based yogurt is added sugar,”  Kelsey Lorencz, RDN, tells VegNews. “The American Heart Association recommends keeping added sugar to less than 36 grams per day for men and 25 grams per day for women. One serving of vegan yogurt can have over 10 grams of added sugars, making it hard to stay within the recommended limits.”

Another ingredient to watch out for is coconut, which gives dairy-free yogurt a creamy consistency. “Studies have found that the saturated fat in coconut oil raises low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol less than saturated fat from butter and other dairy sources, but it still raises LDL cholesterol and may not be the best choice for a heart-healthy diet,” explains Lorencz.

“Look for plant-based yogurts that use unsaturated fats and natural or low-calorie sweeteners such as stevia or monk fruit instead of saturated fat and added sugars,” says Lorencz. Enjoy coconut-based yogurt in moderation and try yogurts made from oat, soy, cashews, or other ingredients.

The best vegan yogurts to add to your shopping cart

We love keeping these vegan yogurts on hand for snacking, baking, cooking, and an easy vegan breakfast. 

VegNews.KiteHillOriginalKite Hill

1 Kite Hill

With an unbelievably creamy almond milk base in Greek and regular varieties, Kite Hill’s non-dairy offerings make for a great start to any day. The regular variety has six flavors to choose from, including blueberry, key lime, and vanilla. 

Silk Soy YogurtSilk

2 Silk

This non-dairy giant makes creamy almond- and soy-based yogurts in a variety of flavors spanning from dark chocolate to mixed berry açai. For fans of Greek yogurt, the brand’s coconut-based, Greek-style yogurt can’t be missed. 

VegNews.ForagerProjectYogurtForager Project

3 Forager Project

Cashews make up the base of Forager Project’s vegan yogurts. Reach for the classic yogurt cups or opt for one of the brand’s yogurt smoothies in strawberry, blueberry, mango, or unsweetened flavors. They also make yogurt for kids, which comes in a squeezable pouch.


4 Siggi’s

Made with a subtly sweet concoction of coconut, macadamia nut butter, and pea protein, this plant-based line from the ever-popular Icelandic-inspired food company is available in cups for an easy, on-the-go snack.


5 Oui by Yoplait

One of the oldest yogurt companies in the country jumped on the vegan yogurt train with a French-style, glass-jarred, coconut-based, fruit-on-the-bottom variety. 

So Delicious YogurtSo Delicious

6 So Delicious

This OG vegan brand utilizes creamy coconuts to create its line of dairy-free yogurt in a range of flavors including key lime, chocolate, strawberry-banana, and more. So Delicious also makes a line of yogurt that’s free of added sugar for those watching their sugar intake. 

Coconut Cult YogurtThe Coconut Cult

7 The Coconut Cult

Made with organic coconut cream, this thick, spoonable vegan yogurt is absolutely delicious. Add scoops to your green smoothies or snack on them by the spoonful. Choose between Chocolate Mousse, Harvest Strawberry, Orange Dreamsicle, and Original flavors. 


8 Culina

These super thick, fermented craft coconut yogurts come in flavors such as Strawberry Rose, Bourbon Vanilla, Mango Orange Blossom, and Sour Cherry Almond. Culina’s yogurts are perfect for pairing with smoothie bowls, oatmeal, and granola.

Nancy's Oat Milk YogurtNancy’s


Nancy’s oat milk-based yogurt cups come in classic flavors such as blueberry and vanilla as well as more innovative flavors such Strawberry Hibiscus. Plus, they make for excellent grab-and-go breakfast options on busy weekday mornings.


10 Cocojune

Made with organic coconut and spring water, these yogurts have a mild, tangy flavor. Reach for the Lemon Elderflower for a punch of tart, sweet, and floral notes. Other flavors include Strawberry Rhubarb, Vanilla Chamomile, and passionfruit. 

Cocoyo YogurtCocoyo

11GT’s Cocoyo

Each spoonful of this tart, slightly effervescent dairy-free yogurt is filled with billions of probiotics. It also comes in seven flavors including cacao, raspberry, piña colada, and peach nectarine. 

VegNews.VeganYogurt.TraderJoesTrader Joe’s

12Trader Joe’s

This grocery chain with a cult-like following carries its own brand of vegan yogurt made with a base of cashews. Top it with fruit and granola for a breakfast parfait or scoop it into your smoothies for extra thick sips.

Untitled design (5)Oatly

13 Oatly

This Oatgurt is somewhere between a really thick, Greek-style and a thinner, European-style yogurt. Enjoy with granola or berries, and dig into this oat-based goodness from the popular Swedish oat milk company.

Harmless Harvest YogurtHarmless Harvest

14 Harmless Harvest

This dairy-free yogurt begins with hand-scooped, organic, fair-trade young Thai coconut meat. It comes in unsweetened plain, vanilla, peach, strawberry, mango, and blueberry flavors. Plus, Harmless Harvest offers a lower carbon footprint alternative by partnering with farms that use sustainable methods of growing and harvesting. 

VegNews.VeganYogurt.WholeFoodsMarketWhole Foods

15 Whole Foods 365 

Just like other major grocery chains, Whole Foods has also jumped on the non-dairy bandwagon. Its almond milk-based yogurt cups come in all the classic flavors. We keep the strawberry and mango varieties stocked at all times. 


16 Lavva

Made from tropical pili nuts, coconut, and cassava, this dairy-free yogurt has zero added sugars. We love layering the mango flavor with fresh, chopped mangos, toasted coconut, and a sprinkling of vanilla granola.

Ayo YogurtAyo

17 Ayo

Organic almonds sourced directly from Ayo’s very own family farm make the base of these yogurt cups. Flavors include blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, and peach. Naturally colored and fortified with live-active cultures, these kid-friendly snacks are perfect for a mid-day nosh break.

Coyo YogurtCoyo

18 Coyo

Handcrafted in small batches, this velvety-smooth vegan coconut yogurt has a thick, creamy texture. Go for the tropical-inspired mango or the dessert-ready chocolate flavors for a lightly sweetened treat.

VegNews.VeganYogurt.NaturesFyndNature’s Fynd

19 Nature’s Fynd

This revolutionary brand first debuted with plant-based breakfast sausage and dairy-free cream cheese made using its proprietary “Fy Protein,” which got its origins in thermal hot springs found in the Yellowstone National Park. Now, Nature’s Fynd has expanded its product portfolio with dairy-free yogurt in three flavors: strawberry, peach, and vanilla.
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VegNews.VeganYogurt.SimpleTruthSimple Truth

20Kroger Simple Truth

The major grocery store chain sells almond milk-based yogurt under its store brand, Simple Truth. It comes in two flavors: Vanilla and Plain.


21 LeGrand

This Canadian brand’s non-dairy yogurts—made from a base of cashews, rice, and coconut cream—are flavored with ingredients like real vanilla bean, coffee beans, whole fruit, and fresh lemon. 

VegNews.AnimalFreeYogurt.BoredCowBored Cow

22 Bored Cow

Bored Cow makes extra creamy yogurts that are free from animal ingredients, but they’re not dairy-free. Let us explain. The company makes dairy-identical milk protein by fermenting plant sugars into whey using large tanks and microflora, not cows. So while these yogurts are suitable for vegans, those with dairy allergies should steer clear. 

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