7 Classic Egg Salad Recipes Without the Eggs

Back in 2019, YouGov embarked on an important mission to discover America’s favorite sandwich. The global public opinion site surveyed more than 1,220 people, asking them to vote on their all-time favorite filling. While grilled cheese unsurprisingly took the top spot, egg salad comfortably secured a place in the top 15, ahead of classics like the Reuben and meatball subs. In fact, over half of YouGov’s participants voted egg salad as one of their favorites.

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According to an educated guess from The Nibble, egg salad has likely been around for centuries and was likely first eaten in England in the 1800s. In the 1900s, it started to surge in popularity in the US, and now it is a common lunchtime staple. It’s loved for its rich, creamy, flavor, versatility, and comfort food factor, but, due to its staple ingredients (eggs and mayonnaise), it’s hardly vegan-friendly. Or is it?

We’re thrilled to say that it’s not only possible to make vegan egg salad, but it’s also delicious. Below, we’ve compiled just a few of our favorite ways to make this much-loved sandwich filling without any actual eggs.

woman eating sandwichUnsplash

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What is vegan egg salad made of?

Vegan egg salad is simply made using plant-based ingredients that mimic the texture and flavor of traditional egg salad. Tofu is often used as the base to replicate the texture of chopped eggs, but, as you’ll see from the recipes below, chickpeas, cannellini beans, and even boiled mushrooms are good substitutes, too. 

Other key ingredients in a vegan egg salad are vegan mayonnaise (find out more about the best vegan mayo brands and recipes here!), turmeric (for that yellow color), nutritional yeast, and kala namak. The latter, also known as black salt, is popular in vegan egg recipes thanks to its high sulfur content, which gives it a sulfurous eggy flavor. 

How to make vegan egg salad: 7 recipes to try

Want to learn more? Check out our favorite vegan egg salad recipes below.

VegNews.VeganEggSaladHannah Sunderani

1 Easy Vegan Tofu Egg Salad

Firm tofu is, without a doubt, one of the best vegan egg options for an egg salad sandwich. The texture effectively mimics that of a chopped boiled egg, which gives it virtually the same mouthfeel, especially when it’s combined with vegan mayonnaise. Mix it with black salt, Dijon mustard, and nutritional yeast for an exceptional egg salad flavor.
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vegan japanese egg salad sandwichVegan Every Time

2 Vegan Japanese Egg Salad Sandwich

You might associate egg salad with America or the UK, but it’s also a popular snack in Japan, where it’s called tamago sando. It’s very similar to the version above, only it also features vegan chicken broth for extra salty, savory flavor. The edges of the fluffy white bread are also chopped, which is a common practice across Japan.
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boiled mushroom vegan egg saladMy Quiet Kitchen

3 Boiled Mushroom Vegan Egg Salad

Initially, boiled mushrooms sound like an odd choice for a vegan egg salad sandwich. But this recipe from My Quiet Kitchen proves that they are a delicious filling contender. “I really didn’t know what to expect from the mushrooms, and somehow, in its own new and unique way, this combo totally works,” says recipe developer Lori Rasmussen.
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Just egg salad sandwichTy Berry Much

4 Easy Vegan Egg Salad With Just Egg

Of course, Just Egg’s vegan liquid egg makes for another great egg salad option. It is creamy, satisfying, and easy to make—just make Just Egg in a frying pan the way you normally would before setting it aside to cool and then mixing it with vegan mayonnaise, mustard, dill, green onions, and some sea salt and black pepper.
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chickpea egg salad sandwichThe Simple Veganista

5 Chickpea Egg Salad Sandwich

Chickpeas are another incredibly versatile plant-based ingredient. While they’re often used in vegan tuna sandwiches, they also work well in vegan egg salad recipes, too, especially if you’re looking for a soy-free option. “I’ve made this quick and easy chickpea egg salad sandwich plenty of times over the years and never tire of it,” says Julie West of recipe blog The Simple Veganista.
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eggless egg sandwichThe Kitchn

6 Lemony Eggless Egg Salad

Lemon and vegan eggs?! It sounds strange, but trust us, this is a delicious combination. It’s light yet satisfying, refreshing, and a little zesty—the perfect summer lunch. “You can bet this hearty, bright salad will be heavy in my summer picnic food rotation,” notes recipe developer Leela Cyd for The Kitchn.
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hearts of palm vegan egg saladStrength and Sunshine

7 Vegan Egg Salad With Hearts of Palm

Hearts of palm are usually used in vegan seafood recipes, but this popular plant-based ingredient also makes a tasty vegan egg salad. Just combine them with mayo and kala namak for ultra-eggy results. “This all-veggie alternative has the perfect texture, neutral taste, and unique transformative versatility,” notes the blog Strength and Sunshine.
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