9 Vegan Cakes That Can Be On Your Doorstep This Week

Who doesn’t love a good drool-worthy #vegancakes scroll through Instagram? These tantalizing images of towering, tricked-out, buttercream-adorned desserts are fun to fantasize about, but also come with a generous serving of FOMO. When you spot a gorgeous cake but live 500 miles away, consider cake by mail. Many of the skilled, independent vegan bakers that make you swoon on Instagram have broken through the distance barrier and configured a way to ship their edible creations nationwide (or at least within the continental US). Thanks to precise planning and a fair share of dry ice, you can now Instagram your cake and eat it, too! 

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Is cake always vegan?

If you walk into a regular bakery, you’ll usually find that most of the cakes are made with animal products, like eggs, milk, and butter. But increasingly, more bakeries are catering to vegan tastes (or they’re totally vegan!).

Instead of milk and butter, most opt for plant-based varieties to make their tasty concoctions, like oat milk or sunflower spread. And instead of eggs, a wide variety of ingredients can be used, like aquafaba, for example. For more guidance on replacing chicken eggs in baking, follow our guide here.

Got a craving for vegan cake? Here are nine different bakeries you can order from right now.

Where to buy vegan cake: 9 bakeries to order from right now

VegNews.vegancakesdelivery.erinmckennaErin McKenna’s Bakery

1 Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Say it with us: Double. Chocolate. Crumb. Those three words alone have the power to trigger anyone to whip out their credit card. Celebration or not, you need this now. This includes Celiac-sufferers as well—all of McKenna’s baked goods are gluten-free, soy-free, and often free of refined sugar.
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VegNews.ChocolateLuxuryCake.SouthernRootsVeganBakerySouthern Roots Vegan Bakery

2 Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

Hello there, volcano cakes! These jumbo-sized cupcakes feature a surprise buttercream center that will satisfy any sweet tooth. But for a full-sized cake to feed a crowd, the bakery’s trendy “naked cakes” are available in Funfetti, Chocolate Luxury, and Mary Lee’s Lemon (the last of which is made using a tried and true family recipe that’s been passed down two generations). Approved by vegan celeb Tabitha Brown, you can’t go wrong ordering at this Black-owned San Antonio, TX bakery.
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VegNews.CarrotCake.DaisyCakesDaisy Cakes

3 Daisy Cakes

Whether you’re in the market for a cute cupcake jar or a full-sized cake, Daisy Cakes can ship it. The vegan-friendly bakery offers a variety of plant-based Minikins (cake jar) flavors including carrot, strawberry shortcake, red velvet, and sprinkle-dotted Happy Birthday. But if you’re on the search for a full-sized cake, the golden raisin-studded carrot cake slathered in vegan cream cheese is worthy of any celebration. 
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VegNews.ValentinesDayTreatsShip.GisellesVeganKitchenGiselle’s Vegan Kitchen

4 Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen

There is some sort of wizardry happening in the back kitchen of Giselle’s quaint storybook shop. The towering cake creations on display taste divine without the use of refined sugar, gluten, or animal products. Flavors range from a simple yet beautiful Golden Vanilla Cake to an opulent Brownie Cookie Dough Cake and gorgeously decorated bundt cakes. We’ve set out to try them all. 
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VegNews.ConfettiCake.KarmaBakerKarma Baker

5 Karma Baker

This tiny little Westlake Village, CA bakery became Instagram-famous with the advent of the unicorn and soon-to-follow mermaid cake doughnuts. Hastened by the furious demand, owner Celine Ikeler developed a way to successfully ship these sweet delicacies—along with a selection of her cakes, cookies, and brownies—to those outside her suburban bakery’s home. For the chocolate diehards out there, her Chocolate MousseTuxedo Cake cannot be beaten. However, those who do not identify as chocoholics will enjoy the Strawberry Eclair Crunch, Luscious Lemon Cake, or the ever-classic Carrot Cake.

VegNews.BundtCake.EstellasVeganBakeryEstella’s Vegan Cuisine & Desserts

Estella’s Vegan Cuisine & Desserts

Calling all bundt cake lovers! This Black woman-owned vegan bakery churns out deliciously rich bundt cakes that are also a feast for the eyes. These sweet treats are available in full-size and mini varieties in a plethora of classic and creative flavors. Choose between red velvet, lemon, Oreo, hibiscus pineapple, sweet potato pecan, and Turtle. 
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VegNews.NakedChocolateCake.YvonnesVeganKitchenYvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

7 Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

Yvonne is the woman you call when you want a one-of-a-kind, special occasion cake. While her more intricate design work is only available for local pickup or delivery in the Pasadena, CA area, she ships her best-selling cake flavors nationwide, along with her chocolate-covered cake doughnuts and addictively good cookies. Pull up her website and you could have a scrumptious, gluten-free Chocolate Creme de Menthe cake in your fridge by the end of the week.  
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VegNews.CookieCake.CocoLuvCookiesCoco Luv Cookies

8 Coco Luv Cookies

Funfetti. Peanut Butter Chocolate. Tiramisu. Have you clicked the link yet? This Black-owned bakery makes irresistible cakes—from vegan bundt cakes to birthday cakes, and even cookie cakes. And with gluten-free options for nearly everything on their menu, there’s enough cake to go around. 
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VegNews.HotCakesHot Cakes

9 Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Imagine reaching into your freezer any time you craved a personal pot of molten chocolate cake. Thanks to this Seattle-based niche bakery, you don’t have to imagine anymore; you can live it. These individual-sized vegan chocolate cakes can be ordered virtually anywhere in the US, and they last in the freezer for a year. Clean out your ice cream pints and make room to stockpile your freezer with cake. 
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