VegNews Editors Share Their Best Vegan Wellness Tips

What does “wellness” look like to you? Getting your sleep schedule back on track so you can get up for that before-sunrise workout? Giving yourself grace, instead of guilt, when pressing that snooze button? Maybe it’s meal prepping, maybe it’s being spontaneous with lunch. Or perhaps it’s all of the above!

Taking care of yourself is as unique a process as you are a person, and finding just the right fit—not only what’s good for you, but what makes you feel good, too—is the key to making self-care sustainable. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s how the VegNews staff is taking care of ourselves.

VegNews.SarahHiking.SarahMcLaughlinSarah McLaughlin

Solo hiking

“It gives me time alone with my thoughts, and the movement helps move anxiety, stress, and whatever else is weighing on me out of my body. The biggest plus is working through whatever’s going on in my mind in a beautiful place. Plus, as a social media manager, the chance to forcibly get unplugged (no service) is a huge lifesaver.”

—Sarah McLaughlin, New Products Editor

VegNews.ChocolateChipCookies.RichieBowieRichie Bowie

Baking (extra creative) cookies

“I’m the King of Condiments—my cupboards and refrigerator door are loaded with sauces, pastes, sprinkles, powders, and anything else that can give my meals a little more oomph. And naturally, that has extended to my favorite any-weather pastime: making cookies. Extra-fragrant olive oil, rosewater, red miso, I’ve done it all. But Rooted Fare’s Black Sesame Crunchy Butter made with brown sugar, peanuts, and crispy breadcrumbs? I kind of don’t want cookies any other way now.”

—Richie Bowie, Editorial Director


Naturally scented candles and aromatherapy

“I love starting my day with a lovely scent wafting through my workspace. Scents like jasmine, tuberose, or lemongrass ground me, make me happy, and create a sense of calm and peace in my day.”

—Colleen Holland, Publisher & Co-Founder


Tonic water

“Quitting drinking hasn’t been the biggest boon to my social life. But ordering a tonic water at a bar makes me feel like I can hang out with friends, drink something bubbly and bracing, but still feel good about the choices I’m making. Big, bubbly win!”

—Anna Starostinetskaya, Senior News Editor


Strength training

“It’s a stereotypical wellness approach, but it works wonders. When my alarm goes off at 6am, the last thing I want to do is get up and go to the gym, but I do it anyway, and my body and mind thank me afterward. Plus, wearing my ‘Plant vibes’ shirt while I’m lifting heavier than the guy beside me makes me feel damn good, too.”

—Nicole Axworthy, News Editor

VegNews.Nails.ArukaSanchirAruka Sanchir 

Doing my own nails

“I like to take breaks from going to the nail salon and do my own nails instead. It not only gives my nails a chance to breathe, but it’s actually so therapeutic to spend a little self-care time, especially when I know I’m using amazing toxic-free nail polish brands like Base Coat, ORLY, or Liberation Nails.”

— Aruka Sanchir, Senior Digital Editor

Eucalyptus shower steamers

“They make my showers feel luxurious and spa-like, bring me back to the present, and help me breathe better. If it weren’t for California’s frequent droughts, it’s how I’d start and end my day.”

—Jocelyn Martinez, Associate Editor


A stop at my local coffee shop

“No matter what kind of day I’m having, I know I can walk into my local café and be greeted with a genuine smile from the people who know me and my never-changing order (soy milk latte—why mess with the classics?). Plus, that first sip of microfoam is heaven.”

—Tanya Flink, Digital Editor

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